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Goolwa is the most popular surfing beach south of Adelaide and attracts large crowds in summer. However take care if swimming here as it is potentially hazardous.

The Murray Mouth produces a small but significant break in the long Coorong beach. On the north side of the mouth is an 11 km long beach and dune system backed by the Goolwa channel, and known as the Sir Richard Peninsula. The town of Goolwa is located at the western end of the channel. Goolwa beach (149A) begins at the mouth and runs for 11 km to Goolwa Beach then another 6 km as Surfers and Middleton beaches, where it is backed by 10 m high bluffs. The beach finally terminating against the rocks of Middleton Point.


These are three of the most hazardous beaches in South Australia owing to the persistent high waves. However because of the very wide surf zone, it is moderately safe to swim in the inner surf zone on the bar. Do not however swim beyond the first line of breakers as strong currents occupy the trough between the bars.


Middleton is the more popular spots owing to the easier access across the wide surf one using the permanent rip which runs out past Middleton Point. There are numerous breaks both along and across this wide surf zone, with best conditions during moderate swell and northerly winds.


Most beach fishers head for Murray Mouth and the beach east of Goolwa. There is also rock fishing at Middleton Point.

Src. and further information: http://beachsafe.org.au/beach/sa0149


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